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Not just any Hike, an Experience

Allow your spirit to soar and venture with us into a land of wilderness beauty. Here, at Costa Vicentina – Europe’s largest coastal natural park – you'll experience an adventure tour where  the mountains meet the wild Atlantic. 
The virgin beaches backed by dunes and dramatic cliffs are washed by a restless ocean. The sunsets over the Atlantic are superb, and by the sunshine shows the colours of the landscape to best effect: the deep blue sea, the terracotta coloured cliffs, golden sands, rainbow colored flora and the green cliff-tops…
In addition to the superb scenery, the trails are carefully selected to give you the maximum enjoyment out of the day. Each walking tour has its own unique features and offers the perfect opportunity to escape daily life and relax, while you enjoy the purity and tranquillity of nature.
You will discover the timeless beauty of a hidden landscape just waiting to be discovered.
coasteering watersport coastline outdoor extreme algarve fun activitie


*Be aware that this is an activity dependent of weather conditions, so timings and trails may vary.

- Local guide


- Great views for photo shoots


- Moderate difficulty trails


- Observe fauna and flora

Under consultation

What are you waiting? Pack your hiking boots and join us!!

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