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Do you want to learn surf ,bodyboard and improve your skills? Or simply have fun!?
Algarve is the perfect year round destination with excellent waves and fantastic weather, and the West Coast is by far the best destination as it picks up the predominant northwesterly swells. It’s famous for perfect peaks on beautiful beaches and its amazing coastline.
Enjoy this amazing  sensation, with fully qualified and experienced surf instructors.
Our partnership with the local surf and bodyboard school Boa Onda ensures safety, fun and high quality lessons. An excellent range of longboards and shortboards are available which are ideal for surfers of all levels. You’ll have fully support during your surfing progresses and according to your comfort level.

Sun, waves & fun!


surf school coastline algarve aljezur vicentina outdoor adventure extreme fun watersport

- Experience surfing in sunny Algarve

- Perfect safe conditions - easy to learn

- Enjoy Nature at Costa Vicentina

- Visit the beautiful beaches, Arrifana, Monte Clérigo or Amoreira

- Ideal for couples, friends and families with kids


- Transfers

- Insurance

- Equipment: Board and wetsuit

- One full surf day class include 2 classes, 1.30hs each

- Fully qualified local instructures

* Don't forget your towel, sunscreen, hat and water :)

*All prices are per person. Each day consists of two classes, one in the morning and another at the afternonon, 1.30hs each. 1/2 day class you can choose, if available, morning or afternoon. Be aware that this is an activity dependent of weather conditions, so timings may vary according with wave conditions and tides.
Price list*:
Oct - May

 - 5 days course  - 200€

 - 3 days course  - 135€

 - 1 day course    - 50€

 - 1/2 day course - 35€

Jun - Sep

 - 5 days course  - 225€

 - 3 days course  - 150€

 - 1 day course    - 55€

 - 1/2 day course - 35€

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